Racial Profiling: Face the Truth


End Racial Profiling Now! Restore Civil Rights & Justice

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NNIRR joins the Rights Working Group campaign to end racial and religious profiling, an unlawful practice pervasive in law enforcement agencies impacting communities of color across the spectrum or race, class, age, gender, religion, and citizenship or immigration status. Because of the increased collaboration between federal agencies and local police on immigration enforcement, immigrant communities and persons perceived to be "foreign" are particularly impacted by racial profiling, often leading to detention & deportation. DHS policing programs such as S-comm ("Secure Communities") creates an incentive for racial profiling by local police to catch and identify people for deportation. 

Community-based documentation reveals racial profiling pattern

In 2009, NNIRR members in North Carolina documented nearly 50 stories of abuse faced by community members across three counties with active 287(g) programs: Buncombe, Henderson, and Mecklenburg.

Racial profiling surfaced as interview after interview showed how police were stopping and questioning immigrants in their cars, on the sidewalk, usually ending in detention and deportation.See how your community can organize & document abuses with HURRICANE. 

The NSEERS Effect: A Decade of Racial Profiling, Fear, and Secrecy (May 2012) is a critical report of the Obama Administration's handling of the National Security Entry-Exit Registration System, a discriminatory program launched in the aftermath of 9/11, urging for the complete dismantling of the program and relief for those impacted.  

Take Action:

  • Watch the Webcast of the Senate Judiciary Hearing on Racial Profiling (April 17, 2012)
  • Organize a community delegation to your Congressional representative's local office.
  • Report incidents of racial profiling and other rights violations to HURRICANE here.