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Are Open Borders the Solution to the Refugee Crisis?

Activists and experts debate who really benefits from opening borders: migrants or corporations

(Oct. 12, 2015) Around the world, borders are tightening as fast as they are dissolving. Even as thousands of desperate migrants from war-torn and impoverished parts of the Global South cross into the European Union, Donald Trump is vowing to build an invincible U.S.-Mexico border wall. Is it time to rethink borders? Or even to envision a world without them? Read more >

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Donald Trump and Scott Walker want to repeal birthright citizenship. It’s nearly impossible.

Shortly after Donald Trump released his immigration policy proposal on Monday, Wisconsin Gov. Read more >

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Obama’s immigration orders face dim outlook at federal court

The Obama administration faces an uphill battle on Friday when it seeks to convince a panel of federal judges to let the president’s executive actions on immigration take effect. 

The same two Republican-appointed judges who denied an earlier administration attempt to lift a hold on Obama’s immigration actions will hear arguments at the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans. 
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Results from a Nationwide Survey of DACA Recipients Illustrate the Program’s Impact

In June, the  Read more >

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Federal Court Offers Ray Of Hope To Obama’s Immigration Programs

A string of bad luck for immigrants — and for the Obama Administration — might be coming to an end. Read more >

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Poll Finds Big Support for Pathway to Citizenship

With presidential contenders on all sides struggling to refine their positions on the prickly issue of immigration, nearly three-quarters of Americans say they support a pathway to legal status for undocumented immigrants, according to a poll published Thursday by the Pew Research Center. Read more >

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