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Policy Recommendations on Unaccompanied Minors and Women at the US-Mexico Border

(Aug. 5, 2014) The South Texas Human Rights Center and the Working Group to Prevent Migrant Deaths have shared a new policy analysis and recommendations to address the current situation of unaccompanied children and women at the US-Mexico border. Endorsements of this statement may be emailed to Read more >

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The Real Death Valley: The Untold Story of Mass Graves and Migrant Deaths in South Texas

In this new documentary on The Weather Channel, award-winning journalist John Carlos Frey follows a migrant story - people who have crossed the border but whose lives are still at risk as they move through Brooks County, Texas. A powerful and current film. Please watch at

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The Untold Story of Unaccompanied Minors

Public opinion remains deeply divided over whether the U.S. government has a moral obligation to offer asylum to Central Americans children escaping political persecution or violence in their home countries. According to a survey published last month by the Associated Press, 53 percent of the U.S. Read more >

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US Immigration Scheme Totters as Migrant Crisis Worsens

The fight over immigration has centered recently on one group: tens of thousands of unaccompanied children crossing the US border with Mexico. Read more >

Rep. Steve King to DREAMers: ‘You’re Very Good at English’

Two of the country’s most outspoken DREAMers – young immigrants brought illegally into the U.S. as children – confronted Rep. Steve King at a fundraising event this week. And while the Iowa Republican is known for his extremely reactionary positions on immigration, the activists say he managed to surpass their expectations. Read more >

Talking to Deported Immigrants Through the Fence at the US/Mexico Border

The recent influx of children and adults arriving at the US border has thrust immigration onto center stage yet again. Every busload of immigrants seems to be met by hostile protesters, who characterize the immigrants as disease carriers, job stealers, and criminals. This type of discourse isn't new: conservative policymakers and the less-informed masses have long stereotyped and dehumanized these groups of people. But between the discussions by politicians and protesters, it can be too easy to forget that, at the heart of the drama, we're talking about actual human beings. Read more >

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