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Pandemic, Wildfires & Heat Wave: Undocumented Farmworkers Face “Triple Threat” as West Coast Burns

As devastating fires burn across the West Coast, some of the most vulnerable people are farmworkers — many of whom are undocumented. Despite the risks of the pandemic and the climate-fueled fires, many feel they have to keep working even if that means working inside evacuation zones. The state of California has repeatedly allowed growers to continue harvesting despite evacuation orders putting workers at great risk. Read more >

Today is National Request your Ballot Day! Support immigrant voters to get out the immigrant vote!


The importance of the immigrant vote in this election cannot be overstated. Newly eligible immigrant voters in key swing states have the power to shift the outcome of national and local elections. But with countless barriers to voting -- massive attempts at voter suppression, fear of voting during a pandemic, people feeling intimated or confused by the process, and language access issues -- we must take action to support our communities to engage in the elections and encourage voting-eligible family and friends to cast their ballots. 


From now until Nov. 3rd, NNIRR will be providing resources and materials to support the get-out-the-vote efforts. Today, we provide links to find out if you and your family and friends are registered to vote, and if not, where to go to easily register -- as well as, information on requesting a mail-in ballot.

NNIRR's election resource page provides updates and a growing set of tools on voter registration, the voting process and other resources for immigrant voters:

Immigration, Immigrant Communities and the 2020 Elections 

Check back often for updates and new resources!

NNIRR is proud to work together with you and partner organizations to push for human rights, social justice, and fair, just, and humane immigration policy. Now and always, we continue to ensure that migrant community voices are at the center of immigration policy reforms. 

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Citizenship delays imperil voting for hundreds of thousands of immigrants in the 2020 election

Citizenship unlocks voting rights for immigrants in America. The long wait for naturalized citizenship imperils those rights for a growing number of immigrants. Read more >

Border Officials Weighed Deploying Migrant ‘Heat Ray’ Ahead of Midterms

[August 26, 2020] WASHINGTON — Fifteen days before the 2018 midterm elections, as President Trump sought to motivate Republicans with dark warnings about caravans heading to the U.S. Read more >

U.S. restricts work permits for asylum-seekers, raising fears of homelessness and hunger

[August 25, 2020] As a single mother of two young children, including her nine-month-old U.S. citizen daughter, W.L. worries about her ability to support her family, particularly in the midst of a pandemic. Read more >

Fear, Language Barriers Hinder Immigrant Contact-Tracing

(Aug. 19, 2020) Only a handful of contact tracers working to slow COVID-19 in 125 communities near Chicago speak Spanish, despite significant Hispanic populations. Churches and advocacy groups in the Houston area are trying to convince immigrants to cooperate when health officials call. And in California, immigrants are being trained as contact tracers to ease mistrust.  Read more >

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