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Immigration judges want to know how to handle coronavirus

Sign on Now! Suspend Immigration Enforcement during Census 2020!

A Call to Action! Demand a Suspension of Immigration Enforcement Activities During Census 2020 Read more >

Your definitive guide to the 2020 Census: How, when and why you should fill out the form

Who represents you in Congress, how much money goes toward your interstate highways and the news you read in your local newspaper all depend in part on a slip of paper to be mailed to your home in the next two months. Read more >

NNIRR condemns the escalation of attacks against immigrants

NNIRR condemns the escalation of attacks against immigrants Read more >

Inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King in our work for immigrant rights

Dear Network Friends,

Fifty-seven years ago, Dr. Martin Luther King wrote these words that resonate today in our work for immigrant and refugee rights. As we move the mission of the NNIRR forward, we honor and celebrate Dr. King and continue to be guided by his work for racial equity and justice, and movement building for education, housing, workers' rights and more. Read more >

Peace, hope and action for justice in 2020

Moving towards justice in 2020 - with peace and justice for all Read more >

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