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Commentary: Congress must repeal the waiver authority to protect Kumeyaay cultural legacy

[July 16, 2020] In southeastern San Diego County between Campo and Boulevard, the Kumeyaay Bands are pressing the Border Patrol and the Army Corps of Engineers to grant them access to their ancestral lands where they have lived for over 12,000 years. Read more >

Judge orders Trump administration to accept new DACA applications

The Trump administration must begin accepting new applications for the Obama-era program that shields undocumented immigrants who came to the US as children from deportation, a federal judge ruled Friday.

The order comes nearly a month since the Supreme Court blocked the Trump administration's attempt to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program. That ruling emphasized that the administration failed to provide an adequate reason to justify scrapping DACA. Read more >

Despite Supreme Court's Ruling On DACA, Trump Administration Rejects New Applicants

[July 15, 2020] The Supreme Court ruling last month that allowed DACA to continue felt like a win for young immigrants like Diego, a 17-year-old high school student. Read more >

Closing the Door on Asylum

[July 9, 2020] A brother and sister, aged twenty-seven and twenty-five, fled gang violence in El Salvador. They had refused to submit to threats by the gang Barrio 18 and made it to the United States. 

In February, the pair’s lawyer, Jasmin Tohidi, convinced an immigration judge in Arlington, Virginia, that their resistance to the gang was a political act deserving of protection under asylum law. Read more >

Trump’s Immigration Order: Fast Track to an Abusive Past

[July 2, 2020]

The president limits U.S. entry to farmworkers with no rights—a boon to both Big Ag and nativists. Read more >

NNIRR Celebrates SCOTUS DACA ruling, continues to organize for justice

NNIRR Applauds Supreme Court Ruling Against Trump Administration in the challenge to DACA!  Read more >

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