The Wall - USA Today Storymap


The Wall - USA Today


Multimedia journalistic interactive storymap

USA Today Network




Description: This is a multimedia collaborative journalistic piece that can be explored in 6 different ways:

  1. interactive map
  2. videos
  3. virtual “flight” over 2000 miles of border area
  4. stories
  5. podcast
  6. virtual reality

 NNIRR questions in addition to media discussion guide:

  • This is a mainstream media piece, however it brings in the work of respected journalists. What questions does this work present in terms of perspectives they have presented?
  • What, if any, do you see as problematic with this journalistic work?
  • Does this help us better understand and explain the issues of justice at the border?
  • How can this help us make connections about the intersections issues at the border:  environment, human rights and racial justice, other?