Gear up for Intl Migrants Day, Dec.18: A landmark day for human rights and justice for all migrants


Next Monday, December 18, is International Migrants Day (IMD); it marks the 27th anniversary of the 1990 passage of the United Nations’ International Convention on the Protection of the Rights of All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families. And if you have not done so yet, please click here to add your name in support of the Convention.

This will be the 17th year of worldwide celebrations and other activities. Proclaimed by the United Nations in 2000, this annual day recognizes the role and contributions of migrants throughout the world, raises awareness of their human rights, and calls attention to the continuing need for enhanced protections against exploitation, abuse and violence.

Click here to check out the International Migrants Day background information and resources on our website. The beautiful IMD poster shown here, designed by Favianna Rodriguez, is for sale at our website, including a limited edition silk-screened version. Click here to get yours!

Here in the U.S, we call attention to a record year of anti-immigrant rhetoric and assaults, led by no other than Donald Trump. At this years' end, the non-stop resistance of 2017 continues: challenging the ending of the DACA and TPS programs, the escalation in detentions and deportations, travel bans, increased border enforcement, immigration restrictions and more. 

Earlier this month, the Trump Administration even withdrew from the UN's process to forge a Global Compact on Migration--citing its "America first" rationale to dismiss a new multilateral and shared responsibility approach to addressing the global migration crisis that is embraced by countries around the world. Not surprising, the day before the announcement, the alt-right Breitbart news published an article falsely implying that the Compact would "dictate" national policies and questioning U.S. involvement.

NNIRR will continue to work with our global partners and allies to press for the strongest, rights-based commitments in the Compact over this next year.

We urge members, friends and allies to recognize this International Migrants day and honor our migrant communities in the U.S. and around the world. Let's show our solidarity with migrants around the world--especially those who are "forced" to migrate, face dire transits for themselves and their families, have little or no access to justice, and face uncertain futures.

Especially on International Migrants Day, when we recognize and honor migrants throughout the world, we also need to raise awareness about the need for policies that ameliorate involuntary displacement and forced migration, including climate justice, fair trade and people-centered development, and fulfilling the need and access to healthcare, education, housing, jobs and safe, healthy environments. 

Coming at the year’s end, International Migrants Day activities have served to bring together our members, constituents, communities and allies for reflection, celebration, and/or protest – and to recommit to the challenges and opportunities we will have to fight for the human rights of all immigrants in the coming year. These can take place at any number of places and in various forms--an afternoon action at a Federal Building, an evening gathering at a place of worship, a potluck dinner at your home or local community center, a rally, march or press event.

And on Dec. 18, be sure to join our annual Twitter Storm! We'll be sharing hashtags and messages.

Background information and resources on International Migrants Day and the International Convention on the Protection of Rights for All Migrant Workers and Members of Their Families are available at NNIRR's website. If you are working on a city resolution of support, be sure to check out our tip sheet.

Migrants rights are human rights!

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