Immigrant Justice & Rights


The fight for immigrants rights & justice is not just a fight for legislation. NNIRR has worked with our members and partners toward meaningful change in U.S. laws, policies and practices that violate the rights of immigrants in our communities while participating and often spearheading the deep transformational work within our diverse communities to build genuine alliances, bring communities together, and recognize the inter-connectedness of our common struggle for social, economic and racial justice in the U.S. and abroad. 

Today, we continue to build capacity and lift up the work of local communities to roll back the punitive immigration policing regime-- including S-comm, 287(g), and the I-9 audits-- while continuing to build & strengthen the call for a generous legalization program that is free from onerous hurdles and offers real opportunities for communities to adjust their status.  

Our current initiatives include:

  • Immigration Policy ReformAt the heart of NNIRR's very founding is the fight for essential rights and protections for all immigrants, regardless of immigration status. In this section we include news, updates, resources and tools. We also share some of the documents that have spelled out our framework, values, and positions over the years.
  • HURRICANE: The Human Rights Immigrant Community Action Network is our abuse documentation initiative, which brings communities together to track, monitor, and document stories of human rights abuses as part of a community organizing strategy to get the changes we want. HURRICANE offers practical tools for communities to participate in abuse documentation and story-collection to help build community leadership, strengthen capacity, and build grassroots power. Read more about HURRICANE here.
  • 100 Stories Project: Join hundreds of community members around the country who are reporting abuses and sharing their stories. The 100 Stories Project is the heart of the HURRICANE initiative. The 100 Stories Project offers community members, families, organizers, advocates and allies a way to tell their stories, gather community testimonies and report human rights abuses to demand redress and justice. Interview a community member, neighbor, co-worker about how immigration policing has impacted them.| Entreviste a un miembro de su comunidad, vecin@, colega acerca de como ha sido impactado por la politica de inmigracion.
  • Advocacy & Urgent Action Network: Join hundreds of community members taking immediate action to get someone out of detention, stop the separation of a family, stop a deportation, or get behind a worker-led campaign for workplace justice. Contact Laura to join the Urgent Action Network, 

New report on detention! NNIRR, with the Advocates for Human Rights and the Rights Working Group submitted a report to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Human Rights of Migrants, outlining key concerns and issues for detained migrants in the U.S. Read the report here.