Resources & Info


This section includes downloadable reports, fact sheets, presentations and other documents as well as links to key organizations and resources apart from NNIRR.

Community Resources

NEW! All-In-One Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests: Tool for organizers & advocates to prevent deportations. Published by National Immigration Project, Immigrant Legal Resource Center, Immigrant Defense Project, Washington Defenders Association, and the National Immigration Law Center. 

National Immigration Project of the National Lawyer's Guild: Online legal & community resource including a national directory of immigration attorneys. Online Directory of Legal Services for Low-income Immigrant Communities

ICE Online Detainee Locator System: you can enter a person's name and A# or date of birth to find a loved one in the custody of immigration agents anywhere around the country. 

Deportation 101: A Community Resource on Anti-Deportation Education and Organizing (available in Spanish

Guide for Haitians in Immigration Detention (prepared by University of Miami School of Law)  

A Step-by-step process for how to document abuses in your community. For more info, see our HURRICANE page.


For Students & Youth 

NEW! NNIRR's collection of fact sheets, links and other resources on deferred action.

Life After College Guide for Undocumented Students (2012)

Education not Deportation: A Guide for Undocumented Youth in Removal Proceedings (PDF)

Repository of Resources for Undocumented Students, by College Board (PDF). 


For Workers & Advocates

Filing an Immigration-Related Employment Discrimination Charge: A Do-it-yourself Packet for Immigrant Workers (by NILC)

U-Visa: A potential immigration remedy for immigrant workers facing labor abuse (factsheet by NELP)

Factsheet: Prosecutorial Discretion by U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement for Cases Involving Workers (factsheet by NELP)  


Know Your Rights

Knowing your rights is important, but exercising your rights is critical. Watch and share this powerful video produced by Pan Left Productions with Coalicion de Derechos Humanos. 


Reports, Factsheets, Presentations

  • Excluded & Exploited: An NNIRR report on the regime of Trade, Managed Migration and Repression, leading to the growing climinalization and exploitation of migrant labor


Training and Education Tools

Building Immigrant Community Power Through Legislative Advocacy

This workshop for BRIDGE was created as a tool for organizers, community groups, educators, activists and leaders to support our work to affect and shape the change we want to see. Focused on work at the fderal level, the popular education elements of this module can easily be applied to our work at state and local levels. Developed by Rosita Choy and Eunice Cho with input and support from community groups, advocates and activists throughout the country.