Principles for Immigration Policy Reform


Immigration reform has been an ongoing political priority for several years for the immigrant rights movement. During this time, certain "core" unities have emerged, but there have also been disagreements on particular issues, tactics and strategies to achieve reform. NNIRR has participated in a number of conversations and meetings with members and allies on principles and positions, or has endorsed position statements. We include here past and current positions:

Open Letter Opposing H.R. 391, "The Asylum Reform and Border Protection Act of 2017" (July 24, 2017) This letter was drafted by the U.S. Conferece of Catholic Bishops in an effort to stop H.R. 391, a bill that would make it much more difficult for asylum seekers to receive protections. 

Open Letter Opposing the Funding and Construction of a Border Wall (July 21, 2017) This letter was drafted by Representatives Vela (D-TX) and Grijalva (D-AZ) to the House Appropriators against FY18 Department of Homeland Security Bill that would fund a wall along the US-Mexico border. 

Statement from the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (July 12, 2017) This statement is in response to the House Appropriations Bill that allocated 1.6 billion dollars of taxpayer funds for a border wall. It calls on members of Congress to stand against this bill in order to prevent the wall from becoming reality.  

Letter from NGO's Opposing H.R. 3003 and 3004 (June 27, 2017) This letter was drafted by the Immigrant Legal Resource Center and signed by over 400 organizations, including the NNIRR to attempt to stop the passing of two potentially harmful pieces of legislation currently in the house. 

Open Letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee in Support of Fair and Just Immigration Reform (May 20, 2013) A letter from NNIRR signed by over 700 groups and inidividuals as the committee marked up the immigration bill for consideration by the whole Senate.

Statement from Reform Enforcement Caucus: This statement was drafted from a meeting in Washington, DC in December, to provide principles to address immigration enforcement concerns anticipated in immigration reform legislation. The statement was widely endorsed and shared with the Obama Administration and members of Congress.

Updated and expanded "10 Principles for Ensuring Fair and Humane Immigration Policy" drafted through the Reform Enforcement Caucus. You can sign on here. Get a one pager of the 10 Principles here.

Statement of Principles on Women and Immigration Reform.This document was drafted through the collective efforts of  women's, immigrant rights, reproductive justice, refugee rights and other groups to address the intersecting concerns of women and immigration.

Letter to President Obama on Border Accountability and Policy. (January 22, 2013) Drafted by a number of groups working at the U.S.-Mexico border and widely endorsed.