What you can do!


Ideas on what you can do to get involved!

We share in your outrage and desire to do something to support immigrant families. There is a lot you can do in your own community that can make a difference…

1) ORGANIZE! There are local groups across the country working on these issues. If your community doesn’t have one you can start a local group or church committee. There may already be group working as a sanctuary committee in your area, helping families released from detention or others facing deportation. Contact nnirrinfo@nnirr.org if you want help looking for a group in your area or go to: https://www.sanctuarynotdeportation.org/find-a-local-coalition.html

2) SPEAK UP! Call your Congressional representatives and pressure them to do the right thing – to protect human rights, due process and the right to asylum. To look up your representative go to:  CONTACT YOUR REPRESENTATIVES IN WASHINGTON, DC!

3) EDUCATE & FUNDRAISE! Bring together your community to share what is going on and raise money for organizations that work directly with immigrant communities at the border – see our brief list of Border Advocacy Groups that need support or contact us directly at nnirrinfo@nnirr.org to find groups that can use your help.


NOTE: Mississippi can use your help right now! Community groups are dealing with the aftermath from worst raid in the state’s history that took place August 7th, 2019, in which some 680 people were arrested at 7 food processing plants across the central part of the state, leaving families traumatized. While 300 were released they face complicated lengthy legal battles ahead, and families of those still in detention are in need. Give to Mississippi Immigrant Rights Alliance to help with their relief efforts and legal support! Donate to MIRA

Volunteer Attorneys needed in Mississippi & Louisiana! If you are a lawyer with experience in either immigration, criminal, employment or housing law, and have a desire to do pro bono work, please contact MIRA Legal Project Director, Attorney L Patricia Ice at www.yourmira.org




IF YOU HAVE ITEMS TO DONATE please send items that are clean and in new or near-new condition, including: clothes, toiletries, diapers, baby food, toys, books (in Spanish or bilingual). You can send items directly to the shelters that are best able to distribute them:

  • The Humanitarian Respite Center in McAllen, TX (operated by Catholic Charities) Address: 111 S. 15th Street, McAllen, TX 78501
  • Loaves and Fishes Shelter in Harlingen, TX (run by a group of local ministries) Address: 514 South E Street, Harlingen, TX 78550
  • Good Neighbor Settlement House in Brownsville, TX (run by Methodist Ministries) Address: 1254 E. Tyler, Brownsville, TX 78520
  • La Posada Providencia in San Benito, TX (run by Catholic Sisters of Providence) Address: 30094 Marydale Road, San Benito, TX 78586
  • Casa Alitas, in Arizona,(run by Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona): https://www.ccs-soaz.org/donate/aid-to-migrant-women-and-children 
  • Annunciation House, El Paso, TX (Catholic Shelter) Address: 1003 East San Antonio Ave, El Paso, TX 79901-2620



First, do not make any plans to go to the border unless you have a direct contact with a group that can guide you on-site. We strongly recommend volunteers only go to the border if there is a specific call for help from an organization that has the capacity and infrastructure to receive volunteers.

Lawyers and medical professionals are especially needed, and can contact any of the following organizations for volunteer legal or medical assignments:

VOLUNTEERS (other than legal/medical professionals)people who speak Spanish and/or additional languages are needed at shelters and to greet people at bus stations who have just been released from detention. Spanish is especially helpful when working directly with immigrant families. Volunteers don't need to be lawyers or doctors, but do need to be people who are friendly, can communicate well and take direction from local organizers on assigned tasks and protocol.

Groups that have expressed a need for general volunteers:

* Angry Tías & Abuelas in South Texas. They advocate and support individuals and families released by Border Patrol or from ICE detention, delivered to bus depots or shelters in South Texas. They support people on their journeys and assure they have basic health and safety needs met. There's a form that should be filled out and submitted which includes the dates you could be available: https://www.angrytiasandabuelas.com

Annunciation House, El Paso, TX, looks for long-term and community volunteers who can assist in aiding migrants for extended periods of time. Contact: https://annunciationhouse.org/contact/contact-volunteer/

* Gathering Humanity is based in Arizona and needs volunteers to assist in tasks such as stocking warehouses, staffing shelters, preparing meals: https://www.gatheringhumanity.org

Casa Alitas, based in Arizona, also has a need for volunteers to help shelter tasks: https://www.ccs-soaz.org/donate/aid-to-migrant-women-and-children

Freedom for Immigrants, has locations in different areas and provides a form for prospective volunteers: https://www.freedomforimmigrants.org/volunteer-interest-form


*** If you know of other groups who accept volunteers or material donations, please let us know so we can add them to this list, email: nnirrinfo@nnirr.org ***